Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cappo & Nappa - Red Hot

"Cappo & Nappa have collaborated on a new album called "Rebelbase" which is produced entirely by Nappa of Phi-Life-Cypher, and will be released on KingUnderground Records. "Red Hot" is the first single from the album and you can download it here for free right now! You can also head over to the KingUnderground site to cop the single on limited edition red wax, limited to 100 copies world wide!"First up the vinyl will be in the collection end of! (yes I keep checking King Underground daily!)Secondly you can download the track from the Dephect website.

As always Cappo brings the heavy rhymes and Nappa brings the heavy beats!! This album will be another slice of quality to add to the collection.

Spit Gemz - Invisible Chess f. Vinnie Paz (prod. One-Take)

Spit Gemz' debut album "FVCK THE RADIO" is officially here February 25th 2013. To celebrate the release, Gemz offers up one of the standout records on the project with the God Of The Serengeti himself. Vinnie Paz is undoubtedly one of the biggest forces and an ambassador for hardcore Hip Hop, Spit Gemz is one of the brightest and lyrically gifted young stars in the genre. Gemz' fan-base has been asking for this track for sometime now, and the two finally link up for one hell of a 1-2 monstrous combo.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Czarface Vinyl

I now have the Czarface album on vinyl and in my collection! After the last week or so listening to the album in my headphones I'm more than happy that its in the crates.

The artwork looks even better on the record sleeve but what tops that is the 22" x 22" poster that came free with the vinyl copy of the album. That will be getting framed and hung in the lab as its to good a piece of art not to.

The vinyl its self is quite heavy weight and of high quality so no skips or warped records which is always a bonus.

I must say a big thank you to Rarekind Records once again for the speedy and prompt delivery of my order. If you want a good online store to visit check them out or if your in the UK and near Brighton pop in and see the shop itself.

Any way, I'm off to see if its possible to mix this album together as a kind of promo mix for myself to listen to.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Tha Soloist - Share My Dreams (Tracks From 2000 - 2009)

As you might have guessed by now I don't only collaborate a lot with Tha Soloist but first and foremost I'm a fan of the man's music. When I first joined Redphone Records I spoke to him the most and he helped me make sure I was on top of my game as DJ and gave me advice on a lot of things not just music wise but dropping knowledge on me of which I have nothing but respect for.Here's his latest offering, a collection of unreleased material from 2000-2009 titled "Share My Dreams"Now normally I'd break it down track by track with an album/mix tape etc but I decided to switch it up on this one and let the man himself do just that:

1. Crash & Burn - I can't remember when I wrote this one (just like most of these tracks on here) The voice I sampled was the hook lol. One thing that sticks out is the fact that I kept the same rhyme pattern going for the last verse. This is pretty deep. I like this track.

2. Dance With The Devil (Remix) - I just used Tech's beat and wrote my own story to it. It's a pretty solid story about a boy that was abused by his father. The only thing I regret is trying to sound like Tech on it lol. My boy told me the Rihanna line was pretty weak but oh well. I actually had this up on YouTube a few years back. The video was made up of different pictures that went along with the story. There's a couple of mistakes in there if you really listen.

3. Music For Life (Remix) - This track was written to another beat way before I recorded it to this Hi-Tek instrumental. I believe I used a beat by Kno. I hate it when I say, "air flow" lol I compare music to a female. I know it's been done before but f*ck it!

4. His Truth - This track was actually produced by my nephew when he was MAD young! I think he did a pretty dope job…This was my attempt at writing and sounding like Lupe haha! It tells the story from 3 different points of view…For war, against war and neutral. It's deep. Check it.

5. Hopeless - I DON'T KNOW WHY this damn track goes up and down in volume…I made this beat after hearing Dilla for the first time. No samples. That's me saying "Yeah" in the background. And I'm singing on the hook too lol. I could dig this.

6. I Know - MY MOM LOVES THIS ONE haha! It's about an american soldier and an iraqi soldier. They both write a letter to their wife. I used an accent for the last verse. lol The hook is one of those soldier chants or whatever you call 'em.

7. Jesus "Verses" Satan - I lowered my pitch for Satan's voice…I had my boy CRACKING UP on this one…We'd smoke and listen to this…I had it up on YouTube a while back and had EVERYONE commenting 'cause I asked them, "who won the battle?" I sampled an old cartoon. The one where the flea comes in and bothers the dog. Classic.

8. Last Man Standing - I sampled Giligan's Island for this beat. Wish I could've had great quality. I could picture Inspectah Deck rocking to this. I guess that's why I tried to sound like him during some of the rhymes lol…Guess who I sampled for the hook? By the way, this is like an I Am Legend story. Listen…

9. Love Conquerz All - A lot of people loved this track when I dropped it. but I panned my voice all the way to the right during the verses lol! I sampled a dope song by Devotchka…Check them out. Last verse is the same verse I spit on MISS U. You'll hear that one later…

10. Lyrical Mass - I tricked Posdnuos (De La Soul) into hearing this track on Twitter lol. This is some lyrical shit….He actually said it was dope. Maybe he was just being nice haha.

11. MISS U - I used the same exact sample for my track "Blood Sweat Tearz" feat. Madhandz, La Dog, D-6 and AV! I sampled Jay-Z for the hook. This sample is dope…It's from an Elvis track. Just lowered the pitch like crazy!

12. Music Is Everything - This one is OLD as HECK! You can hear the passion that I use all the time now. I think I recorded this on my Fostex. I love this track tho. No samples. Raw.

13. MUSIC - An old acapella. I memorized this one and just spit it. I think there's a beat in the background lol

14. One (Remix) I wrote this quickly. I just wanted to express sudden thought. Ghost would not be proud lol I tried to use his slang too hahahahah!

15. Share My Dream - I sampled a crazy baseline and just went in. I think it's a pretty deep track. It's like he's saying it's a wonderful world but in the video, Armstrong makes this crazy face like, "It's NOT wonderful." Tells a little of my story. Listen to this one. I love the horn I sampled. I chopped the shit out of all the sounds on this.

16. The Cycle - I apologize for this beat. It's like some House, Hip-Hop, Moby shit lol The lyrics ain't too bad. The hook is JUST TERRIBLE…wow hahaha. My uncle played the bass for me and I just sampled it.

17. The Window - I think this was when Drake came out LOL. Wow…I can't believe I chopped my voice on this. The verses are dope tho. My nephew loves this. It's all true.

18. Time - 2009! haha This is deep. I start off slow and then speed it up. I like this beat for some reason. I was inspired by Bob Dylan…the delays are TERRIBLE. Jesus. This track is over 5 min. long……….

19. Water Guns - This was like a premonition lol. The hook sounds like Crack Sinatra. I think this is the first beat I ever made with no samples in it. The drums sound mad real. I made the beat with a purple E-mu MP7. I bought it cuz I saw RZA had one in the Source Mag ads lol I was mad happy that I got the car to crash to the snare.

20. You're Da Man (Remix) - This was always one of my favorite Nas tracks. This is deep. No yelling just me speaking into the mic. i love the delays on this one. I was getting better at it lol

Hope you all enjoyed listening to my tracks from back in the day.


Tha Soloist

You can grab "Share My Dreams" from the link belowDOWNLOAD

Be sure to be on the look out for Tha Soloist Vs Trilian "Original Script" album dropping this year and check the videos in earlier posts as this is one album I can't wait for!

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Currently busy digging for samples for upcoming tracks I'm working on. I'll be posting some new music tomorrow from Tha Soloist, Trilian & G Crew, Myself and a couple more underground bits so stay tuned....

DJ Madhandz

Friday, 22 February 2013

TonyMontana010 ft. Persoonlijk (PSL) - Maatregels #2013

New track that dropped yesterday from my people in Europe and fellow EHW members TonyMontana010 & Persoonlijk (PSL). Eastgarden Music is the name so keep a look out if you haven't already as EHW/Eastgarden and on the takeover.....You Have Been Warned!

DJ Tray f. Tragedy, Miilkbone, Godilla, Red Eye & Blacastan - The Truth

A underground posse cut of epic proportions from DJ Tray featuring Trgedy, Miilkbone, Godilla, Red Eye and Blacastan. The Truth is the name and the Truth is what they spit!! The track can be downloaded from the player below.

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Unless your a hermit and claim to be into the Underground scene you must have known by now that 7L & Esoteric and Inspectah Deck have formed like Voltron to create Czarface!!!

This album is literally on repeat in my headphones, speakers where ever I can listen to it as it really is that damn good. With features from artists like Deck's Wu cohorts Ghostface and Cappadonna to Roc Marciano and Vinnie Paz. Production is handled by 7L through out with the exception of one track produced by the greatest producer ever (My opinion so settle down Dilla heads!) DJ Premier so you know this is a banger just from the features alone. All emcee's spit fire throughout the album as 7L has beats for days on this.

Another pretty damn dope idea was to have a cassette version of the album at the release party (Tapes heads you'll want this!) and a Czarface action figure to boot. The vinyl release also has a gatefold cover with pop up Czarface to (yep that's on its way to me as I type)

All in all you should check the links below of the tracks I've posted and the photos of said album, cassette and action figure. Czarface are going to be on the turntables for a while and that's word to big bird!!!

Track List:
1. Czarface Intro
2. Air ‘Em Out
3. Cement 3′s f. Roc Marciano
4. Czar Refaeli f. Oh No
5. Rock Beast
6. Savagely Attack f. Ghostface Killah
7. Marvel Team-Up
8. It’s Raw f. Action Bronson
9. Let It Off (prod. DJ Premier)
10. Word War 4
11. Dead Zone
12. Poisonous Thoughts f. Mr. MFN Exquire
13. Shoguns f. Cappadonna & Vinnie Paz
14. Hazmat Rap

Emef Prouctions feat John Storm & Jo Dancer - Fugasino feat DJ Madhandz

Another track I feature on from this year produced by Emef Prodctions from the album "Beats From Kosice" which you can name your price and DL from the bandcamp page in the track below

Roc Marciano - Bruh Man

New heat from Roc Marciano. This man can do know wrong when it comes to music in my opinion. Eveer since his days in The UN I've been a fan and as I type I'm waiting on the vinyl of "Reloaded" to get delivered to me as start to finish that album is a banger! This is a new track from him and a nice surprise as I wasn't aware he was going to drop anything like this so soon after the album.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Busy as a mutha....

Got a busy week ahead with working on tracks for people so won't be able to post as much as I'd like. Will update though if there's some new music to let you all hear.

DJ Madhandz

Monday, 18 February 2013

Countryside Vibes

Now by the words I use, way I dress, people I associate myself with and numerous other matter of facts you'd expect me to be living in a city?


Truth is I live in a small village in the UK and as much as I love the inner city hustle and bustle as well as the environment I'm a country boy at heart. So as well as vinyl, music and all things skratch related I'll throw up some photos from time to time of my surroundings as the seasons change. I have an eye for that kind of thing and that's not a bad thing at all

New Vinyl!

The good people at King Underground have released some quality music since moving from a mail order online record shop to a record label and I'm pleased to say that they never fail to drop anything shy of dope at that!

As I posted earlier the Mr. Brown "Hubwish" 7" is now in my collection (on limited edition purple vinyl at that. Mine is number 16/250) and I'm glad its now in my crates to listen to as that beat us pure nod factor!

Also I got the "Me & You" 7" from DJ Pings feat Rob O (of INI fame) to add to my collection.

I've been able to buy more vinyl these past few months than I have the past few years and if King Underground keep dropping music like this they have a customer for life in me. I've put photos up as usual as I like for people to see the artwork and the coloured vinyl.


Sunday, 17 February 2013

The 6th Element Presnts: Legion of The Underground

Another underground banger from The 6th Element featuring: Legion of The Underground feat Venomous, Formaldahyde, Mathz, Bleeding Heart Bliss, Bigg Limn, Ixion Form, Stress The Mind, Nohokai, Big O, Dr. Creep (Cutz by DJ Coachone) The track can be downloaded from the link below DOWNLOAD

Friday, 15 February 2013

Retro Shack Pick Up's

So the town, Kettering, I live in has only one second hand record shop called Retro Shack. It's full of vinyl, retro clothing, tea sets, jewellery and electrical equipment. I didn't expect to find anything to add to my ever increasing vinyl collection so was pretty surprised when I found the following pick ups there waiting for me:

DJ Cam/DJ Premier feat Afu Ra - Voodoo Child remixes 12"

Styles Infinite - Easy On The Ears 12"

Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers remix 12"

Also found a few Fingathing 12"s that I already own and Skitz "Country Man" double LP but again I already have 2 copies in the crates. Will keep digging in the crates at Retro Shack though as there are more gems to be found.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Grime Lab - Sick Mic Holders feat Benihana Kenobi, Dangerous, Lord Lhus & DJ Riseone

Heavy track from Grime Lab feat Benihana Kenobi, Dangerous & Lord Lhus with Cuts from the man like DJ Riseone. This is why I love the underground scene, heavy artists making heavy music together is a brilliant thing. I'll be posting more from these trust!

Zen1 - Freedomongers feat Godilla & Adlib

Heavy new track by Zen1 Feat Adlib & Godilla produced by Symphonik Bang

Drpping Science - J Rocc/Planet Soul

2 dope mixes from J. Rocc and Planet Soul for you to either stream or purchase for as little as $0.50!!! I'm downloaing it now.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mr. Brown - Hubwish (Buy Records)

You can buy the following track above from KingUndergound on 7" Vinyl in either black or Limited Edition coloured Vinyl (I pre ordered the latter last month). The track is a dope beat with a nice sample and Mr. Browns quality production shines on this one. If you buy vinyl and haven't seen the catalog that King Underground has it's well worth checking out as theres some nice collectors pieces in there. Also worth a mention is the combo pack of "Hubwish" and the BUY RECORDS T-Shirt from the good people at Dephect Clothing.
Full Details from the King Underground site below: "PRE-ORDER. Shipping 08.03.13. Expected to ship well ahead of the official release date. Sampling breaks is at the core of Hip Hop music and played a crucial role in its foundation and development. Back in March of 2012, Dephect Clothing started a “Buy Records” campaign to help promote the awareness of vinyl. The Buy Records video (below) gives a brief insight into the process of how vinyl was traditionally sampled in the production of Hip Hop. It follows the UK producer Mr Brown while out digging for records, then going back to his studio, chopping up a sample and making a beat. Label: KingUnderground Records Catalogue: KU-003 Format: 7" (Deluxe Edition pressed on purple vinyl, limited edition of 100/250 copies) Artwork: Richard 'Bee' Brown"

Tony Mahoney

I'm a fan of Tony Mahoney first and foremost. And secondly I have worked with him on a couple of tracks (see previous post as Marble was produced by him!). He's done a few beat tapes that are floating around the web as well as 2 EP's with Ragz Sweet Jones and speaking of which I did cuts on one of said EP's for a track called "Sex, Drugs and Hip Hop" which is posted under this. Make sure you follow him if your on Soundcloud and YouTube as he keeps everything updated regularly. Tony Mahoney Links: Bandcamp Soundcloud YouTube

Melanin 9 - Marble feat DJ Madhandz

One of the tracks I did for Melanin 9 on his album "Magna Carta" which I posted about earlier.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

First Freestyle Scratch Session of the year....

Ok so the title isn't 100% true but you get the just of it. Here's my first uploaded scratch practice of the year over "Just Another Case" instrumental.DJ Madhandz

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Throw Back Rap Attack

Yeah so that's me from about 10 years ago rocking the XL Esco jumper cutting over a live MPC beat. Kettering used to have really dope hip hop nights. Shame the scene has pretty much dried out. I think it's about time me and the old guard put a night on again to get the heads together and see if the next generation are out there still!

Tha Soloist Vs Trilian - Original Script (Track List)

As promised the full track listing for the forthcoming album by Tha Soloist & Trilian "Original Script" with features from Matt Maddox, Godilla, Rated R, Absolut Karnage, Tre, DJ TMB and more