Sunday, 30 December 2012

Skratch Music Post

So as well as being a devoted hip hop head I'm also a big time skratch music fan. From first hearing the early days of the turntablism scene right up to modern day turntablism. Below are a few tracaks from various artists soundcloud pages that I've been checking for. Fake Hunters - KapHunter Project Skillz & A-Kut - Track1 Swordkilla - Welcome To Hip Hop Culture

A few of the albums I've featured on this year

A few of the albums I've had features on this year from Headknockers (Rich Mahogany & Trilian), Mark Deez, Melanin9 and Guilty Smilies. I've have featured on a lot of solo tracks from an array of artists so bear with me until I can upload the tracks somewhere to stream.

Saturday, 29 December 2012


DJ MK knows the deal! Big up @djmk, go follow him on Twitter. The man's a UK don in the DJ game.

Vestax 05 Pro MkVI

I use a Vestax O5Pro with a Pro X-Fade fader in to skratch with and DJ in general but after seeing someone post a picture of this on there website my first thought was...I NEED THIS!! I don't usually get to worked up about new DJ gear but the 05Pro MkVI looks amazing and has a lot of features that I know I'd enjoy using. At present I'm strictly vinyl but in 2013 Serato or Traktor are a must and this mixer would certainly help. Full spec and low down on the official Vestax website And here's a few more images:

Heiro #Skratch freestyle

A little freestyle skratch session by myself over the "Roll Out" inst by Hieroglyphics

DJ Madhandz - Switch It Up (2006)

Here's an old mix from 2006 that I did. It features a good mix of UK and US artists from the underground with a few cuts n scratches from myself. Again I'll be upping more mixes to mixcloud and will post them here also.

DJ Madhandz - Switch It Up (2006) by Dj_Madhandz on Mixcloud

Friday, 28 December 2012


I update soundcloud regularly so make sure you check there for new tracks and skratch practices I've uploaded. I'll be posting individual tracks from there very soon with all links to the artists I've worked with.

enquires for cuts

If your an artist, MC, Producer, DJ who wants cuts for a project get in touch with me on and we'll build from there. I only charge $40 per track but can do a discount for multiple tracks as its all good!

So whats been going on....

The past 2 years I've been so busy with music that any kind of social life is now non existent but do you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. I've had the pleasure of building with some very good people both known and unknown in the underground scene from the UK to the US to Serbia and pretty much world wide and that just shows you how universal hip hop is as a culture not just as a musical genre. I've featured on tracks with artists like Chief Kamanchi, Solomon Childs, Melanin9, Matt Maddox, Tha Soloist, Trash Gordon, Madchild, Mark Deez and many more. I will try my hardest to make posts daily and want to try and help get artists who I personally rate get some time in your ear phones and speakers. 2013 looks set to be even busier for me but I'll continue to share it with you see what happens to me and my crazy #skratchlife