Wednesday, 30 January 2013


As promised here's the first video from Tha Soloist Vs Trilian "Original Script" album and the title track to. I'm not saying a word apart from listen, watch and learn!

Tha Soloist Vs Trilian: Original Script

One of the albums I'm most looking forward to dropping this year is "Original Script" from Tha Soloist and Trilian. If you don't know or haven't heard of either artist where the fluck have you been???? Tha Soloist is, in my opinon, one of the most slept on artists out there, seriously this guy is not only a true artist in any sense of the word from the rhymes he drops, the patterns, the concepts, the artwork and more. He's also a mad humble cat who puts a lot of so called "Rappers" to shame. I've collaborated with him a number of times and I'm saying he is the TRUTH!!!! Trilian again is someone I've collaborated with a number of times and this guys beats are beyond dope/heavy/fresh the whole nine. He's a true producer and very skilled with beat making, ideas, mixing and mastering (take heed future and present artists....step your music game up by getting it professionally mixed down as it makes a big differene). Now I can't say to much about the album but what I can say is that if the track below is anything to go by then yes Hip Hop is ALIVE well and truely and it's where it belongs underground and in the ears of the fans and other artists. The track "Style On The Loose" is the first leak from the album (also appearing on the Trilian & Rated R EP "Audio Onslaught") and it features Rated R, Underground legend Chief Kamanchi and my fellow Skratchaholik DJ TMB (Seriously TMB is the don!).....I won't say any more other than just listen and if you follow them on Twitter or Facebook get bugging them to drop the album because I am and I'm on it!!

Featuring DJ Madhandz.....Yeah That's Me

So after a busy couple of week's I'm back on this blog ting! Below are a few of the tracks I featured on last year (there were a lot so I've picked some of my favourites) I'll be posting more as they drop as it's only January so there's more to come from myself this year!

Melanin9 - White Russian Vinyl and tracks from Magna Carta

If you haven't already go and buy, what for me, was the album of 2012 by Melanin9 "Magana Carta" I can't stress how much I listen to it. I feature on 2 tracks on the album which the videos show:

Organzied Democracy


On that note I just got my 2 copies of the "White Russian" 12" from these himself and this is a true collectors piece for my collection. It's made of heavy weight vinyl and its red and black and the photos show.

The EP features the tracks:
White Russian
Magna Carta
Straight Live

With instrumentals of each on the flip as to finish off the A-Side accapellas to White Russian and Straight Live if you want to get on the remix tip or in my case use the samples for scratch hooks/word play.

This 12" got a 9.5 in the January issue of well respected DJ Mag and single of the month which goes to show the quality of this record.

You can buy the vinyl from Suspect Packges, the Anatomy Spills bandcamp page and other online record shops.

All in all this is glued to my Technics at present and will be for a while yet!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Micall Parknsun - Me, Myself & Akai

If your in to the UK scene you must have heard of Micall Parknsun by now? If not you need your head checking! The man is a true artist both with the rhymes and the beats. He has his 3rd album dropping on the 27th January titled "Me, Myself an Akai" and for the tracks that have been released and videos done for them its shaping up to be one of the albums of the year for me. I bought the "Me" 7" (White Vinyl at that!, check the picture below!) and straight away it was another Parky banger. A heavy thumping beat with a dope piano sample and Mr. Parknsun dropping the rhymes as only he can. You can also grab "Grade & Liquor" from iTunes which is a party/stoned/drinking track. After a few listens you'll find yourself wanting to song/shout along to the chorus (Yeah I felt like that) and again it thumps!
I say this a lot on Facebook/Twitter/here etc but if you like the music I post about and want the artists to live and produce more good music go support them and BUY the music!!!

So on January 27th get a slice of "Me, Myself & Akai" in your collection and headphones....

And the T-Shirts need to get a general release to, they are fresh to def!!!

New features and collabs

I've just finished up a bunch of tracks for people but a few worth mentioning are a Murder Gang track feat Joell Ortiz (of Slaughter House fame), and track by Past1 featuring Bekay and did a heavy scratch hook on a track for Meth Mouth that features Madchild (Swollen Members) produced by C-Lance. These are yet to be released but I'll be sure to post the links to the videos/audio when they do.

Winter is here!

Since its minus whatever over here in the UK I've been locked on my turntables getting tracks done for people and enjoying music. I've heard a few more new tracks I've featured on and there sounding good. When the drop I'll be sure to upload them to my soundcloud page.
In the mean time here's what the UK looks like at the word COLD!!!!

One song springs to mind at the moment and that's "Snow" by Roc Marciano.