Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Melanin9 - White Russian Vinyl and tracks from Magna Carta

If you haven't already go and buy, what for me, was the album of 2012 by Melanin9 "Magana Carta" I can't stress how much I listen to it. I feature on 2 tracks on the album which the videos show:

Organzied Democracy


On that note I just got my 2 copies of the "White Russian" 12" from these himself and this is a true collectors piece for my collection. It's made of heavy weight vinyl and its red and black and the photos show.

The EP features the tracks:
White Russian
Magna Carta
Straight Live

With instrumentals of each on the flip as to finish off the A-Side accapellas to White Russian and Straight Live if you want to get on the remix tip or in my case use the samples for scratch hooks/word play.

This 12" got a 9.5 in the January issue of well respected DJ Mag and single of the month which goes to show the quality of this record.

You can buy the vinyl from Suspect Packges, the Anatomy Spills bandcamp page and other online record shops.

All in all this is glued to my Technics at present and will be for a while yet!

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