Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Micall Parknsun - Me, Myself & Akai

If your in to the UK scene you must have heard of Micall Parknsun by now? If not you need your head checking! The man is a true artist both with the rhymes and the beats. He has his 3rd album dropping on the 27th January titled "Me, Myself an Akai" and for the tracks that have been released and videos done for them its shaping up to be one of the albums of the year for me. I bought the "Me" 7" (White Vinyl at that!, check the picture below!) and straight away it was another Parky banger. A heavy thumping beat with a dope piano sample and Mr. Parknsun dropping the rhymes as only he can. You can also grab "Grade & Liquor" from iTunes which is a party/stoned/drinking track. After a few listens you'll find yourself wanting to song/shout along to the chorus (Yeah I felt like that) and again it thumps!
I say this a lot on Facebook/Twitter/here etc but if you like the music I post about and want the artists to live and produce more good music go support them and BUY the music!!!

So on January 27th get a slice of "Me, Myself & Akai" in your collection and headphones....

And the T-Shirts need to get a general release to, they are fresh to def!!!

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