Sunday, 28 April 2013

Champions Of Nature - C.O.N Mix CD

Now as you should know by now I'm from the UK, Blighty, Great Britain what ever you want to call this island so naturally I'm going to support the homegrown artists and talent we have.

This CD here I've been after for a good 8 years or so and could never find it or it was always sold out but due to the good man Disorda over at Suspect Packages
I've finally got it in my collection!!

(Check the envelope it turned up in!! Pretty good feeling seeing that on the back I can tell you!)

Said CD is Champions Of Natute - C.O.N mixed by DJ IQ. And if you know who they are you can see why I'm pretty happy right about now!!

Champions Of Nature we're a crew of UK artists who had worked with each other on separate musical endeavours but formed like Voltron to form a UK supergroup consisting of:

Lewis Parker
Supa. T
L. Dolo

So basically a group of some of the best lyricists the UK has to offer and thank god they did. Obviously most will know Lewis Parker and Jehst but mans like Profound and Supa T are UK legends in there own right in my eyes.

The CD is a mix of the few tracks they released which you could get on separate records of which I have the "Salsa Smurf" and "F...Off EP" and the only remaining 12" is the C.O.N Artists Vol. 1 which I shall track down at some point. On a side note the track "Easter Island" isn't on here which isn't a bad thing but is my favourite track from the group (again that 12" isn't in my collection but tracking a copy is proving tricky and I know its worth the £30+ it sells for when it comes up on eBay and Discogs)

So enough of the waffling by myself and to sum it up in a word....HEAVY

You have right here a true UK Hip Hop heads collector piece and I for one am a very happy DJ right now.

DJ Madhandz

Friday, 26 April 2013

I hope it's this year.....

So there seems to be a pretty good line up of upcoming music this year still and that can only be a good thing for hip hop heads the world over.

I heard and saw a rumour that Roc Marciano I'd doing a full length album with production handled through out by the Arch if you've never heard an Arch Druids beat 1.) What??? 2.) you don't own "Reloaded" from Roc Marciano as you'd already know about "Emeralds" and other tracks like "Poltergeist".

Any way I'll keep my ear and eyes out for anything else I can think of music wise and dare say they'll be some new isht for myself getting released soon so I'll upload that and let you good people hear it all.

I'm away for a couple of days now so ill get to posting when I'm back next week.


DJ Madhandz


Pictures speak a thousand words....

7 G.E.M.S. - Golden Era Music Sciences

Another album that's definitely going to be added to the collection will be the upcoming joint effort between Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi as the group 7 G.E.M.S titled "Golden Era Music Sciences" with all production handled by Purpose (he produced some real heavy boom bap goodness on the Purpose & Confidence album!).

The album will feature appearances from Roc Marciano (how dope is going to be to hear Tragedy & Marciano on a Purpose beat together), Killah Priest and Shabaam Shadeeq so you know we're talking a lyrically solid offering here.

The single which is doing the rounds at the moment titled "Without You" is well worth checking to get a vibe for how the group sounds and can be bought on iTunes and the video is obviously on YouTube.

Its good to see so many dope artists joining forces to make albums as its never a bad thing when thin word....CZARFACE!!!!

Tracklist for the album below:

1) King Asiatic Allah (Intro)
2) Without You
3) Dem Get Murda
4) No Good
5) I Know Im Reckless
6) Presume The Unpredictable feat. Roc Marciano
7) Gems
8) Men of Honor feat. Relentless
9) Time To Ponder
10) The Annointed
11) Vantage Point
12) Beatbox (Interlude)
13) Wild Militants
14) Foul Thesis feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq
15) Verge of Defeat feat. k!llah Priest
16) Aura Snatchers (remix)

Wu Wednesday in vinyl form

So a lot of people go on twitter/instagram/Facebook and hash tag #wuwednesdays so guess what???

I did the same and thought why not share my ever increasing vinyl collection with you good people

Quasimoto - Yessir Whatever!

Quasimoto, the reclusive alter-ego of Oxnard, California producer/emcee Madlib has not released an album since 2005's The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas. According to Stones Throw Records, Quas was birthed on Madlib's early underground beat tapes, the persona was never intended for the public. However, as word spread around the California beat and deejay community, the helium-voiced, provocative emcee who looped up his own beats became a cult-followed sensation, and one of Madlib's most successful and championed offshoots.

Stones Throw announced this week that Quasimoto's third release is finalizing for a June 18 release. Yessir Whatever is a 12-track collection of Quasimoto songs recorded over the last 12 years, following Quas' acclaimed debut, The Unseen. The collection features some previously released material, from rare and out-of-print vinyl, while others have never been previously heard. The album is available digitally, on CD, and on LP vinyl with a bonus 7" record.

You can preorder the album on vinyl from and its worth it if your a collector of all things Quas/Madlib/Stones Throw (As I am and have already done)

It's a shame there's only 2 new tracks on the album that haven't been heard by myself but I'll still give it plenty of spins because its Lord Quas and Lord Quas is the shit!!!!


01. Broad Factor
02. Seasons Change
03. The Front
04. Youngblood
05. Astronaut
06. Planned Attack
07. Brothers Can’t See Me
08. Catchin’ the Vibe
09. Am I Confused?
10 Sparkdala
11. Green Power
12. LAX to JFK

I'm happy to see Sparkdala on there as my copy of the DJ Design 12" that it featured on has since gone walkabout so I'll be glad to have that song back in my collection.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Trilian - The Black One feat DRC, Nohokai and Soulkeeper (Cuts DJ Madhandz)

Latest track I've laid cuts on produced by Trilian feat DRC, Nohokai and Soulkeeper on the rhymes...check it!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

April Videos Of Choice

Going to Start doing a post once a month of videos I like from the world of Underground Hip Hop. If you like music featured in them do the artist a favour and BUY THE MUSIC!!

DJ Madhandz - 7:30AM Cuts

The first scratch video I have done in ages, it was recorded at 7:30am (clever title eh?) so don't hate that it's not as tight as I'd like (we've all been there right? If you know what I mean)

DJ Madhandz Features April 2013

Been a while since I posted on my blog as I've been busy with this DJ thing as usual! Below are a few of the latest features from myself with tracks from Tha Soloist, Rated R, Guilty Smiles and more.