Sunday, 28 April 2013

Champions Of Nature - C.O.N Mix CD

Now as you should know by now I'm from the UK, Blighty, Great Britain what ever you want to call this island so naturally I'm going to support the homegrown artists and talent we have.

This CD here I've been after for a good 8 years or so and could never find it or it was always sold out but due to the good man Disorda over at Suspect Packages
I've finally got it in my collection!!

(Check the envelope it turned up in!! Pretty good feeling seeing that on the back I can tell you!)

Said CD is Champions Of Natute - C.O.N mixed by DJ IQ. And if you know who they are you can see why I'm pretty happy right about now!!

Champions Of Nature we're a crew of UK artists who had worked with each other on separate musical endeavours but formed like Voltron to form a UK supergroup consisting of:

Lewis Parker
Supa. T
L. Dolo

So basically a group of some of the best lyricists the UK has to offer and thank god they did. Obviously most will know Lewis Parker and Jehst but mans like Profound and Supa T are UK legends in there own right in my eyes.

The CD is a mix of the few tracks they released which you could get on separate records of which I have the "Salsa Smurf" and "F...Off EP" and the only remaining 12" is the C.O.N Artists Vol. 1 which I shall track down at some point. On a side note the track "Easter Island" isn't on here which isn't a bad thing but is my favourite track from the group (again that 12" isn't in my collection but tracking a copy is proving tricky and I know its worth the £30+ it sells for when it comes up on eBay and Discogs)

So enough of the waffling by myself and to sum it up in a word....HEAVY

You have right here a true UK Hip Hop heads collector piece and I for one am a very happy DJ right now.

DJ Madhandz

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