Friday, 26 April 2013

I hope it's this year.....

So there seems to be a pretty good line up of upcoming music this year still and that can only be a good thing for hip hop heads the world over.

I heard and saw a rumour that Roc Marciano I'd doing a full length album with production handled through out by the Arch if you've never heard an Arch Druids beat 1.) What??? 2.) you don't own "Reloaded" from Roc Marciano as you'd already know about "Emeralds" and other tracks like "Poltergeist".

Any way I'll keep my ear and eyes out for anything else I can think of music wise and dare say they'll be some new isht for myself getting released soon so I'll upload that and let you good people hear it all.

I'm away for a couple of days now so ill get to posting when I'm back next week.


DJ Madhandz

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