Friday, 15 February 2013

Retro Shack Pick Up's

So the town, Kettering, I live in has only one second hand record shop called Retro Shack. It's full of vinyl, retro clothing, tea sets, jewellery and electrical equipment. I didn't expect to find anything to add to my ever increasing vinyl collection so was pretty surprised when I found the following pick ups there waiting for me:

DJ Cam/DJ Premier feat Afu Ra - Voodoo Child remixes 12"

Styles Infinite - Easy On The Ears 12"

Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers remix 12"

Also found a few Fingathing 12"s that I already own and Skitz "Country Man" double LP but again I already have 2 copies in the crates. Will keep digging in the crates at Retro Shack though as there are more gems to be found.

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