Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Czarface Vinyl

I now have the Czarface album on vinyl and in my collection! After the last week or so listening to the album in my headphones I'm more than happy that its in the crates.

The artwork looks even better on the record sleeve but what tops that is the 22" x 22" poster that came free with the vinyl copy of the album. That will be getting framed and hung in the lab as its to good a piece of art not to.

The vinyl its self is quite heavy weight and of high quality so no skips or warped records which is always a bonus.

I must say a big thank you to Rarekind Records once again for the speedy and prompt delivery of my order. If you want a good online store to visit check them out or if your in the UK and near Brighton pop in and see the shop itself.

Any way, I'm off to see if its possible to mix this album together as a kind of promo mix for myself to listen to.

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