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Tha Soloist - Share My Dreams (Tracks From 2000 - 2009)

As you might have guessed by now I don't only collaborate a lot with Tha Soloist but first and foremost I'm a fan of the man's music. When I first joined Redphone Records I spoke to him the most and he helped me make sure I was on top of my game as DJ and gave me advice on a lot of things not just music wise but dropping knowledge on me of which I have nothing but respect for.Here's his latest offering, a collection of unreleased material from 2000-2009 titled "Share My Dreams"Now normally I'd break it down track by track with an album/mix tape etc but I decided to switch it up on this one and let the man himself do just that:

1. Crash & Burn - I can't remember when I wrote this one (just like most of these tracks on here) The voice I sampled was the hook lol. One thing that sticks out is the fact that I kept the same rhyme pattern going for the last verse. This is pretty deep. I like this track.

2. Dance With The Devil (Remix) - I just used Tech's beat and wrote my own story to it. It's a pretty solid story about a boy that was abused by his father. The only thing I regret is trying to sound like Tech on it lol. My boy told me the Rihanna line was pretty weak but oh well. I actually had this up on YouTube a few years back. The video was made up of different pictures that went along with the story. There's a couple of mistakes in there if you really listen.

3. Music For Life (Remix) - This track was written to another beat way before I recorded it to this Hi-Tek instrumental. I believe I used a beat by Kno. I hate it when I say, "air flow" lol I compare music to a female. I know it's been done before but f*ck it!

4. His Truth - This track was actually produced by my nephew when he was MAD young! I think he did a pretty dope job…This was my attempt at writing and sounding like Lupe haha! It tells the story from 3 different points of view…For war, against war and neutral. It's deep. Check it.

5. Hopeless - I DON'T KNOW WHY this damn track goes up and down in volume…I made this beat after hearing Dilla for the first time. No samples. That's me saying "Yeah" in the background. And I'm singing on the hook too lol. I could dig this.

6. I Know - MY MOM LOVES THIS ONE haha! It's about an american soldier and an iraqi soldier. They both write a letter to their wife. I used an accent for the last verse. lol The hook is one of those soldier chants or whatever you call 'em.

7. Jesus "Verses" Satan - I lowered my pitch for Satan's voice…I had my boy CRACKING UP on this one…We'd smoke and listen to this…I had it up on YouTube a while back and had EVERYONE commenting 'cause I asked them, "who won the battle?" I sampled an old cartoon. The one where the flea comes in and bothers the dog. Classic.

8. Last Man Standing - I sampled Giligan's Island for this beat. Wish I could've had great quality. I could picture Inspectah Deck rocking to this. I guess that's why I tried to sound like him during some of the rhymes lol…Guess who I sampled for the hook? By the way, this is like an I Am Legend story. Listen…

9. Love Conquerz All - A lot of people loved this track when I dropped it. but I panned my voice all the way to the right during the verses lol! I sampled a dope song by Devotchka…Check them out. Last verse is the same verse I spit on MISS U. You'll hear that one later…

10. Lyrical Mass - I tricked Posdnuos (De La Soul) into hearing this track on Twitter lol. This is some lyrical shit….He actually said it was dope. Maybe he was just being nice haha.

11. MISS U - I used the same exact sample for my track "Blood Sweat Tearz" feat. Madhandz, La Dog, D-6 and AV! I sampled Jay-Z for the hook. This sample is dope…It's from an Elvis track. Just lowered the pitch like crazy!

12. Music Is Everything - This one is OLD as HECK! You can hear the passion that I use all the time now. I think I recorded this on my Fostex. I love this track tho. No samples. Raw.

13. MUSIC - An old acapella. I memorized this one and just spit it. I think there's a beat in the background lol

14. One (Remix) I wrote this quickly. I just wanted to express sudden thought. Ghost would not be proud lol I tried to use his slang too hahahahah!

15. Share My Dream - I sampled a crazy baseline and just went in. I think it's a pretty deep track. It's like he's saying it's a wonderful world but in the video, Armstrong makes this crazy face like, "It's NOT wonderful." Tells a little of my story. Listen to this one. I love the horn I sampled. I chopped the shit out of all the sounds on this.

16. The Cycle - I apologize for this beat. It's like some House, Hip-Hop, Moby shit lol The lyrics ain't too bad. The hook is JUST TERRIBLE…wow hahaha. My uncle played the bass for me and I just sampled it.

17. The Window - I think this was when Drake came out LOL. Wow…I can't believe I chopped my voice on this. The verses are dope tho. My nephew loves this. It's all true.

18. Time - 2009! haha This is deep. I start off slow and then speed it up. I like this beat for some reason. I was inspired by Bob Dylan…the delays are TERRIBLE. Jesus. This track is over 5 min. long……….

19. Water Guns - This was like a premonition lol. The hook sounds like Crack Sinatra. I think this is the first beat I ever made with no samples in it. The drums sound mad real. I made the beat with a purple E-mu MP7. I bought it cuz I saw RZA had one in the Source Mag ads lol I was mad happy that I got the car to crash to the snare.

20. You're Da Man (Remix) - This was always one of my favorite Nas tracks. This is deep. No yelling just me speaking into the mic. i love the delays on this one. I was getting better at it lol

Hope you all enjoyed listening to my tracks from back in the day.


Tha Soloist

You can grab "Share My Dreams" from the link belowDOWNLOAD

Be sure to be on the look out for Tha Soloist Vs Trilian "Original Script" album dropping this year and check the videos in earlier posts as this is one album I can't wait for!

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