Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Blog Restarted...

It's been time since I posted anything on my blog so decided enough was enough and deleted all the old posts. Since then you could say I've been busy (those who know me will get what I mean!) I've been working on music with alot of people for the past 2 years since posting a blog and in that time I've joined Redphone Records as an in house DJ, formed part of a DJ collection called The Skratchaholiks (more them in the new year trust me!), featured on a few albums, stepped my skratch game up by 100% and still buying vinyl. So yeah I'll be posting some music I've done cuts on, music I'm feeling, music that my label mates/people I'm down with/Other DJ's have featured on and in general HIP HOP because I love it with a passion. To quote Possessed of Rhyme Asylum "There's Hip Hop then there's everything else"...... Peace DJ Madhandz

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